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Personalized Paper Store

We created a very interesting and fun database for Personalized Paper Store. The site has a custom-built rather than off-the-shelf shopping cart. Their shopping cart creates different reports of who looked at what items and who purchased what items and several other different types of reports.

We were asked to take these reports and make them into more easily read, understood and manipulated formats. Included in this task was that the owner of Personalized Paper Store wanted everything to be completely automated.

We designed and created the database that would hold all the data and made sure that every report the shopping cart generated would be thoroughly represented so that each could be understood and no data would be missing.

In order to fulfill the request of complete automatic operation, we had to combine several different technologies and five different programming languages. It was a challenging and very fun task to do, and in the end we completed everything under budget and the owner was thrilled with the new reports.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of the data and reports, we cannot show you any examples. The image here is the Personalized Paper Store homepage.