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Search Engine Friendly URLs

Debbie's Creative Moments, like many websites, was initially created with many static pages that could not display dynamic content. This served her needs for many years, but when she found it no longer did, she asked us to redesign her website.

In the process of redesigning her website, we created the ability to display dynamic content and define common elements like the header and the footer in one place and simply include it in other places.

If we had stopped with simply redesigning her website, she would have had a very big problem in that her years of being on search engines would normally have been cancelled out due to filename changes that would break the search engine links (i.e. free-patterns.htm became free-patterns.php).

However, we knew that this would be the case and had a tailor-made solution in hand for her. To solve this, we made it so that the old names could be used with the new files using search engine friendly URLs.