Relios Extranet Page

Relios Intranet Page

Relios needed a website that could manage their jewelry part purchasing records management.
We created an simple but powerful site for them that allows them to manage their purchase orders and quality control of those purchase orders.
This site has several sides to it. The first aspect is for employees to log in and work with the purchase orders. The second aspect is for vendors to log in and view their purchase orders and quality control reports.
There are a number of functions included in this site that really give Relios employees powerful tools to do their various tasks:
•Ability to create, modify, and view purchase orders.
•Ability to print purchase orders or download them as PDF files for easy distribution.
•Ability to query purchase orders for statistical data.
•Ability to upload image samples as part of quality control.
•Ability to redefine quality standards with automatic dissemination.
•Ability to show or hide purchase orders from vendors.
•Ability to send emails to vendors and employees concerning purchase order updates.