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Our niche is website technology and custom programming. We have developed software for state government, universities, private industry and charitable organizations.

We have designers on staff who can custom design your website. If you prefer, we will implement a website design that your own designer has created. If you wish to be able to make updates to the website yourself, we implement the design in WordPress, and we will train you in using WordPress to update your site. If you want us to make all site updates, we may implement your site using HTML, CSS and Javascript for cost effectiveness. We can implement your website such that mobile users have a different experience from computer users. The same content is displayed differently depending on how the website is being accessed. We can integrate existing functionality into your website, or create functionality from scratch using PHP and SQL databases. We can create special landing pages for your promotional materials with QR codes. Whatever you need, we can provide it for you. We are very willing to work with your project manager, content writer, advertising or PR firm or social media consultant.

We offer custom software in a wide variety of applications: standalone software that provides process automation, software that integrates your website with other business functions like fulfillment systems or inventory control systems, and custom software as an integral part of your website.

Duke City Software can provide any kind of standalone custom software that you require. We have created applications that read PDF files, pull out the important data and populate a spreadsheet. Daily processing that used to take several hours manually now takes only a few minutes. Relios picture files from the network - Andrew started it.

Many organizations benefit from custom software that integrates the website with other business processes. Past applications have included software that reads a company's product information from the corporate database and creates a product feed in a format that the website can understand, applications that import website sales into Quickbooks and inventory control systems and order fulfillment systems. We have also created programs that produce custom reports showing website sales from proprietary shopping carts.

Much of our custom software is developed as an integral part of the website. We store your data in a database and access the data based on user specified parameters. We provide forms to enter the data, or we can upload data from an Excel spreadsheet or other means. We allow users to search the data. We can also run algorithms against the data and produce custom reports. Data is output on webpages, in PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, XML pages whatever you need. Examples of our website custom software are below.

Our goal is for you to be a happy customer. Most of our customers come to us from word of mouth referrals and remain satisfied long term customers. We'd love to talk to you about your custom software needs. Please call (505) 821-1522 or email general@dukecitysoftware.com.

With graduate-level software engineers on staff, Duke City Software is perfectly positioned to handle your website and custom programming needs. We build brand new websites; we maintain existing sites, and we tailor-make custom software.

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